Manage cloud spend by making it visible

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Electric Indigo's platform simplifies cost visibility for your entire organization, making it easy for every team member to understand your cloud expenses.
Our platform starts by providing you with real-time visibility into your cloud spending. You'll gain valuable insights into where your cloud budget is going, empowering you to identify areas of inefficiency or overspending as soon as they occur. Alarming feature will send you real time notifications when significant changes in spending occurs and allow you to react quick and avoid unnecessary costs


Make costs visible

Hybrid cloud support - We support AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes and work daily to add new platforms.

Self serve - Instead breaking yours workflow, our platform will sit on the side and enable you to see all costs

Tag all costs - We will make sure all your cloud resources are tagged and help you integrate tagging into existing CI/CD pipelines

Have reports everywhere - You can see reports on our platform or you can connect them to yours internal reporting system (Tableau, PowerBI or anything else)


Cost per customer / team / feature analysis

Electric Indigo allows you to allocate cloud costs to specific teams, projects, or departments with precision.

Granular allocation helps you understand which areas of your organisation are driving cloud expenses, enabling you to make informed decisions on resource allocation


Cloud cost optimisation

We understand that every business is unique. That's why our platform offers customised optimisation strategies tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's identifying underutilised resources, recommending instance rightsizing, or suggesting changes to your cloud architecture and introducing IaC, Electric Indigo provides actionable insights that help you reduce costs without sacrificing performance

Kubernetes Cost Analysis

We can help you account for Kubernetes costs as well. Not Kubernetes as whole, but per namespace, deployment or any other parameter of your choice


Alarming notifications

Take control of your cloud budget with our budgeting tools and real-time alerts

Receive real time notifications about significant changes in cloud spending pattern

Make sure you will not have surprising unaccounted rise of cloud bills

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